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"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors."
-Edmund Burke

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If you remember the Irish steerage party in the movie "Titanic", but you're not familiar with the musicians, we strongly recommend this CD. Reminiscent of early Chieftains recordings, Gaelic Storm offers a lively collection of traditional reels, jigs and Irish drinking songs that will make you want to get up and dance - or sing along. (Make sure you have your pint in hand!)
Click here for Gaelic Storm

The Waterford-born singer Karan Casey has been on a highly personal journey since she left the Irish-American supergroup Solas. Her solo albums, of which this is the third, reveal a questing nature and a deceptively fragile-sounding, vibrato-enhanced soprano. The sensuous yet coolly ascetic semi-acoustic arrangements feature prominent banjo, fiddle, low whistle, and accordion vamps, plus an atmospheric solo piano. Adapted and edited from a review by Christina Roden.
Click here for Karen Casey.

Irish Heartbeat
Van Morrison & The Chieftains

This is a re-mastered edition of what is undoubtedly one of the best Irish collaborations ever! During a memorable evening when we bent our elbow with the band after a concert, Paddy Moloney told us that he didn't care much for performing with Morrison - but, you'd never know it on this recording. We still play it often and it's difficult to say which song we like best. Judge for yourself and listen to the samples on Amazon.
Click here for Irish Heartbeat.

According to one amazon reviewer, the most unforgettable tune is "Reconciliation," a metaphor for peace in Northern Ireland, backed up by a children's choir of unified young Catholics and Protestants in the wake of the bombing of their town. In concert, McDonnell and Ivers get the whole audience to sing, and to hear these sweet voices singing "toora loora" with all the yearning and hope behind it is worth the price of the album. Adapted from an amazon review.
Click here for Eileen Ivers.

A regular chart-topper in Ireland and the United States, Daniel's repertoire runs the gamut from romantic love tunes to spiritual songs of inspiration. However, on this double-disc collection, he returns to his roots and offers a wide-ranging list of 40 Irish favorites - from the Green Glens of Antrim to the Isle of Inisfree. While amazon doesn't offer samples to listen to, you can rest assured that if O'Donnell does the song. it will be a song done well.
Click here for Daniel O'Donnell.

This is one of Bridget's favorite recordings; we purchased our copy at Blarney Woolen Mills in Cork. Being masters of merchandising, Blarney has music playing all the time while you shop. When Bridget heard Jim's rendition of Grace, she asked one of the assistants who and what it was. She was immediately directed to the music area - name of record and inventory number in hand! It's a wonderfully romantic collection that never fails to stir up the emotions. It also brings back lovely memories of Ireland.
Click here for Jim McCann.

Bob Geldof, so well known for his humanitarian works, is, in our opinion, one of the most unappreciated performers on the Irish music scene. This compilation, issued in 1994, broke into the British Top 20. Masterfully produced, it is truly a greatest hits' collection and features Geldof's wide range of styles.
Click here for Loudmouth.

This debut album from one of Ireland's most talented singer-songwriters just won the prestigious Shortlist Music Prize in the USA. In this collection, he showcases his very special talents for creating stories and songs of depth and emotion with a meticulousness that is envied by many he has passed on his way to well-deserved fame.
Click here for 'O'.

Tensions between intellect and passion, and between pragmatism and faith, drive the songs on "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb"; so do burly guitar riffs, galvanizing crescendos and fearlessly emotional vocals. The album easily stands alongside the best work of U2's career - "Boy," "War," "The Joshua Tree" and "Achtung Baby" - and, song for song, it's more consistent than any of them. NY Times review by Jon Pareles.
Click here for Atomic Bomb.

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Thu, Dec 7, 2017

Holly and Ivy hanging up and
something wet in every cup*

Not so long ago, Irish Christmas decorations were much simpler than they are now. The children gathered holly and ivy for adorning, windows, doorways, mantles and pictures, and the father would carve out a turnip in which would be placed a large red candle. This would go in the window to light the way for the Holy Family on Christmas Eve. Only in relatively recent times did an Irish family have a Nativity scene and a decorated tree in the house. As for Mistletoe, it's quite rare in ireland and is generally associated with ancient Celtic and Druidic fertility celebrations; this is most likely where the custom of kissing under the mistletoe comes from.
*Old Irish Christmas toast
Image: Pashley Manor Gardens.

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