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Traditions, folklore, history and more. If it's Irish, it's here. Or will be!

"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors."
-Edmund Burke

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Himself & Herself

Bridget Nancy Margaret O'Flaherty emigrated to the United States in 1963 to marry the man she had met on a blind date in London, England.

Today, Mr & Mrs Russell Haggerty both work out of the "money pit" - a ramshackle Queen Anne residence in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they raised a family, dropped out of corporate America and now pursue freelance careers in consulting, writing and whatever else will keep the lights on.

Bridget is working on several new books; one will be somewhat of a sequel to The Traditional Irish Wedding and will cover the milestones in an Irish childhood.

Russ is also trying his hand at writing - a mystery novel that isn't set in Ireland but has many Irish connections.

When they're not chained to the computers, Russ stays busy with restoring the house and Bridget does her best to clean up after him.

Questions? Suggestions? Comments? They'd love to hear from you and will respond asap to any and all messages you leave them. You can email them at: Russ & Bridget

Snow storm December 2004
It started snowing and sleeting on December 22 and didn't stop until the next day, By the time it was all over, we had over a foot of snow on the flat and the wind had created drifts of up to five feet or more. Russ started digging out the driveway right away so he could make room for dinner guests to park on Christmas Day. He was still shoveling when the first guest arrived.

More than once, we have been asked to put up pics of something, shall we say, more related to us.
That is difficult. We are just ho hum, fiddling about with problems and having good days and bad days.

Still we have a belief that whatever God you believe in, He talks to us (we just don't listen very often). He's not obvious, His language is all around us and we do have to pay attention. This spring we all have grumbles (mine is "politicians, thieves and bureaucrats - all of them in the trade" - adapted from Mark Twain) but we have this tree. It is an antique Goose Plum. We were told you cannot buy them. She has children, fortunately, and we hope to keep the line going. When we need to listen, she is a complete sentence.

We were also asked to put up photos of the Maple tree last year. Of course we did and here it is:
Taken from our 'office' (right!) window.

We were also asked to put up a photo of the house in question. So here it is; it is no longer 'ramshackle' - we're restoring it (sigh). Here's the side we just finished this last year.


Sat, Sep 19, 2015


Founded in 545 AD by St Ciaran, Clonmacnoise monastery became between the 7th and 12th centuries a religious, literature and arts center for monks all over Europe. They came to study and pray in the “Island of saints and scholars” when the rest of Europe was still in the Dark Ages. Clonmacnoise was totally devastated by fire as well as successive raids but the site retains its stunning features. The view captured in this image has remained relatively unchanged for 1500 years. Clonmacnoise lay in decay until the Office of Public Works began the arduous task of turning this sacred place into one of Ireland's most famous visitors' centres. Interestingly - and we have yet to find out why - for centuries, courting couples have stood on each side of the arch whispering their words of love to each other.

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Glorious Gardens of Ireland
by Melanie Eclare

A magnificent pictorial tribute to the splendor of Irish gardens, featuring more than 200 color images.
Eclare ushers readers into spectacular Irish garden settings...
Equally captivating are the book's gorgeous photographs of plants, beautiful stonework, outstanding statuary, and the voluptuous floral compositions that adorn Ireland's great castle estates, rural herb growers, country guest houses, and quaint cottages.
Alice Joyce
Click for Glorious Gardens.


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