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"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors."
-Edmund Burke

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Your St. Patrick's Day Party - Irish or Oirish?
by Bridget Haggerty

We'd been thinking about writing an article which would describe a "real" St. Patrick's Day party in Ireland as opposed to one overseas. The truth is, it really wouldn't be accurate anymore. For while dancing leprechauns, pots o' gold and other stereotypical "Oirish" symbols were once the fodder for a bit of taking the mick - usually at the expense of the Yanks - nowadays, the cultural differences are rapidly blurring.

However - just suppose we choose to ignore that Starbucks has started opening coffee shops across the land, that American country music is more popular than traditional offerings, and that Dublin is the barometer by which to measure the pulse of the Irish people? On the other hand, just imagine we're emigrants far removed by time and distance from our native land and we're yearning for an authentic connection to the ould sod?

To our way of thinking, there's an opportunity here to throw two uniquely different parties - or you could blend a bit or a lot of both, and still do your Irish heritage proud. On this page, you'll find links to articles about St. Patrick's Day festivities around the world, the way the day was celebrated in old Ireland, menus for a grand meal, and much more. We've also included lots of links to items that are must haves for the celebration - from the flag of the Republic to a parking sign that says Irish only - now there's a switch! Enough of the blatherin' - on with the partying!

Paddy Marches Through manhattan
A wry bit of poetry from one of our favorite columnists, Cormac MacConnell
Paddy marches through Manhattan, He's rich and proud and tall,
Poor Paddy back in Ennis- Has no parade at all!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig 2005: Dressed Up and Rarin' to Go
From Melbourne to Munich, Kyoto to Copenhagen, cities and villages are, or will be, awash in seas of green. Our friends at The Wild Geese hereby present their annual list of St. Patrick's Day parades worldwide to help you navigate. The list numbers more than 100, with festivities running through March 20. Through wars and pestilence, spanning centuries, the Irish have taken to the streets on or about March 17. Get thee hence!

Party Down in Dublin Town - 2003
by Bridget Haggerty

It hasn't been that many years since Ireland looked on while country after country throughout the world made March 17th an all-out celebration.
St. Patrick's Day is, perhaps, the only holiday that's celebrated all over the globe - proof-positive that Ireland wields a remarkable influence in far-flung lands many thousands of miles away.

St. Patrick's Day Around the World - 2002
by Bridget Haggerty

In 2001, St. Patrick's Day in Ireland was more like it used to be in the old days. The threat of hoof and mouth disease led to the cancellation or postponement of the big parades in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Armagh and Limerick. So, while the Irish in Ireland still celebrated the feast of their patron saint, many did so where they always have - in the local pub. For the old-timers, Mass in the morning and a pint or two at the pub afterwards was, and always will be, the only way to celebrate.

Corned Beef & Cabbage - The Feeding of A Myth
by Bridget Haggerty
What's the national dish of Ireland? Corned Beef and Cabbage, you say? Since March has undoubtedly become "Irish Awareness Month", we thought it would be fun to explore the truth behind yet another Irish myth.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With A Real Irish Feast!
by Bridget Haggerty

Are you’re planning on serving Corned Beef and Cabbage? If you’re one of more than 40 million Americans of Irish descent, it’s definitely the traditional meal. But what if you don’t like corned Beef? Or, saints preserve us, you’re ready to rebel against the masses and try something new and different? Well, the truth is, if you serve just about anything but the usual Irish-American cliché, you’ll be more in step with your Irish ancestors and any of your kin still living in Ireland.


Fri, Jul 10, 2015

Show your Irish pride and fly the flag!

The tri-color flag of Ireland was based on that of France and first used in 1848. The green represents the Catholic, Gaelic and Anglo-Norman communities, the orange represents the planter group of Northern Ireland while the white center signifies a hope of peace and trust between the two.
Bridget's brother, Christopher, always puts out his flag on Saint Patrick's day. When he has his annual party, no one ever has trouble finding the house. We suppose there are no other flags on the street!?
Durable 100% nylon - sewn not printed!
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Irish traditional music just doesn't get any better than this! The selections are timeless, the orchestration is always perfect. Paddy Maloney's pipes and whistles really drive the music and the late great Derek Bell's brilliant Celtic harp playing is top-notch! Amazon review.
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Ah, Ireland, the land of sad love and happy war. The songs are funny, rousing, sad, uplifting and satirical all at the same time. Amazon reviewer.
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Every song here is a gem worth its weight in gold. You really don't have to be Irish to party hearty on St. Patrick's Day & enjoy classic songs of the Emerald Isle such as these. Very enjoyable & highly recommended. Erin Go Bragh!
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