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Traditions, folklore, history and more. If it's Irish, it's here. Or will be!

"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors."
-Edmund Burke

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Bunús na Gaeilge - Basic Irish Language

There is no other way to revive Irish than for a crowd of people to spread it.
- Douglas Hyde

Note: The spellings and pronunciations used are based on Aideen's own natural use of Connemara Irish but they have been kept simple, so as to be understood where there are differences in the language.
For example, the word 'feicfidh' is used only in Connemara Irish; in Leinster, Ulster and Munster the word is 'cífidh'. There are two pronunciations; Leinster/Munster - kee-fee; Ulster - chee-fee.

The biggest problem for people whose native language is English is that the soft 't' and 'd' are in Irish, but not in English; it's difficult to 'reproduce' them in writing. Where I use 'th' and 'dh' here, they are best achieved by putting your tongue gently behind your front upper teeth."

Click here for our words & phrases Index.

Lesson 46: Personal Grooming

When it comes to learning another language, it's important to know the "bare necessities!" This week, the focus is on personal grooming.

Phrase: Personal Grooming
Irish: Ciortha Ghlanta Pearsanta
keer-hah glahn-thah pahr-sahn-thah

Word: Skin
Irish: craiceann

Word: Hair Brush
Irish: scuab gruaige
skoob groo-ig-eh

Word: Comb
Irish: cior

Word: Toothbrush
Irish: scuab fiacal
skoob fee-kul

Word: Toothpaste
Irish: taos fiacal
thees fee-kul

Word: Dentures
Irish: fiacail bhréige
fee-kill vray-geh

Word: Mouthwash
Irish: folcadh béil
fuhl-kah bay-il

Word: Shampoo
Irish: foltfholcadh

Word: Hairdryer
Irish: triomadóir gruaige
thrim-ah-dhohit groo-ig-eh

Word: Conditioner
Irish: oiriúinteoir

Phrase: Toilet Soap
Irish: cneasghallúnach

Phrase: Cleansing Cream
Irish: uachtar ghlantach
ookh-thahr ghlahn-thahkh

Word: Deodorant/Antiperspirant
Irish: díobholaíoch

Word: Shave
Irish: bearradh

Phrase: Shaving Cream
Irish: uachtar bearra
ookh-thahr bah-rah

Word: Razor
Irish: rásúr

Phrase: Nail file
Irish: raspa ingne
rahspah ing-neh

Word: Manicure
Irish: lámh-mhaisiú

Word: Pedicure
Irish: cos-mhaisiú

Word: Tweezers
Irish: pionsúirín

Word: Shower
Irish: cithfolcadh

Word: Bath
Irish: folcadh

Word: Tub
Irish: tobán
NOTE: In Ireland, bath is used for washing the body. Tub is used for washing clothes.

Phrase: Bubble Bath
Irish: folcadh súilíní
fuhl-kah sool-een-ee

Word: Wash
Irish: níochán

Word: Water
Irish: uisce

Word: Basin
Irish: báisín

Word: Towel
Irish: tuáille

Word: Facecloth
Irish: tuáille aghaidhe
thoo-awl-yeh eye-yeh

Word: Bathrobe
Irish: róba folcadh
roh-bah fuhl-kah

Word: Mirror
Irish: scathán

Phrase: Travel Case
Irish: cás taistil
caws thahsh-thill

Phrase: I like your new hairstyle
Irish: Taithníonn do stíl ghruaige nua liom
thah-nee-unn dhus shtheel noo-ah ghroo-ig-eh li-um

Phrase: Where is the nearest barbershop?
Irish: cá bhfuil an siopa bearbóire is congaraí?
caw will on shup-ah bahr-bohr-eh is kohn-gahr-ee?

Phrase: Where is the nearest hairdresser?
Irish: cá bhfuil an gruagaire is cóngaraí?
caw will on groo-ig-err-eh is kohn-gahr-ee?

Phrase: I prefer a shower to a bath
Irish: is fearr liom cithfolcadh ná folcadh
iss fahr li-um kih-fuhl-kah naw fuhl-kah

Phrase: I enjoy taking a shower
Irish: is breá liom me féin a bhogadh sa chithfolcadh
iss brah li-um may fayn a wug-ah sah khih-fuhl-kah

Phrase: I must give myself a manicure
Irish: ní mór dom m'ingne a chóiriú
nee mohr dhum muh ing-neh ah khoh-ir-oo

Phrase: She is fair-skinned
Irish: tá gealchraiceann uirthí
thaw gih-ahl-khrahk-unn irr-hee

Phrase: I need a shave
Irish: tá gá ar bhearradh orm
Pronunciation: thaw gaw err vah-rah urm

Phrase: She is fixing her hair
Irish: tá sí ag réiteach a cinn
thaw she egg ray-tchukh a kinn

Phrase: How much is it for a shampoo and set?
Irish: cé mhéad le h-aghaidh ionlach agus reiteach ghruaige?
kay vyadh leh heye un-lukh agus ray-chukh ghroo-ig-eh?

Phrase: Go have a wash and brush-up
Irish: buail baslach ort féin
boo-il bahs-lukh urth fayn

Phrase: We need more hot water
Irish: tá tuille uisce te ag teastáil againn
thaw thill-eh ish-geh cheh egg thahs-thaw-il ah-ginn

Phrase: I like to have a sauna
Irish: Is maith liom folcadh allais a ghlacadh
iss my li-um fuhl-kah ahl-ish ah ghlahk-ah

Phrase: I forgot my toothpaste/toothbrush
Irish: dhein mé dearmaid ar mo scuab fiacal/taos fiacal
yen may djahr-midge err muh skoob fee-kul/
thees fee-kul

Note: This caught our eye. Yes, we know it isn't gaeilge, but it is fascinating. If nothing else, it is certainly language (and Irish language as well.)
by Bernard Share
...for all 'decent skins', 'crawthumpers', horse-protestants', 'hard chaws' and 'strong farmers'...a dictionary of Irish slang that's as amusing as it is informative.
Click here for Slanguage

For More Basic Irish please click here: Irish Index

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Irish Grammar
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Irish - English
English - Irish

Note: We have yet to see a dictionary with phonetic pronunciations for each word. We suspect this is partly due to the variations. Providing for all four 'green fields' (Connacht, Leinster, Ulster and Munster), would be cumbersome at best. Still, someone may do it some day. Until then, these are all very good and recommended. Serious students will have more than one; they are inexpensive.

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Wicked Irish
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While I wouldn't recommend you use many of these phrases, this is a terribly funny book. I picked it up after leafing through it at the store and finding phrases about sheep and inns and the hazards of driving in Ireland without insurance. Each little section starts out innocuously enough, then quickly degenerates into truly funny comments. If you like Monty Python or BlackAdder, this will really make you laugh. If you liked the Father Ted tv show, this little book will make you keel over giggling. Ah, go on, ya eejit, buy it already! Amazon Reviewer
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Teach Yourself Irish Complete Course
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Learning Irish
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